Monday, 30 December 2013

It is easier to criticise than organise . . .

Once upon a time, I had a great idea for an activity which I knew lots of the girls in all the units would love and would find to be new and different, but great fun - and which could be quite straightforward to arrange. I took the idea and worked it all out it, thought of a venue for holding the activity, and some right-hand people to help me run it, sourced the materials, costed it, worked out a date which was convenient and didn't clash with any local events, and had it all planned out. I hoped that the other Leaders would be as keen as I was - after all, all they had to do was turn up on the day with their girls, take the photos of them doing the activities, then go home again - me and my team would do all the rest.

They weren't chuffed. The list of things they reckoned I'd got 'wrong' was indeed as long as your arm.

Transport arrangements were wrong. Catering was wrong. Toilet arrangements were wrong. Timetable was wrong. Paperwork was wrong. Instructions and rules were wrong. First aid arrangements were wrong. Deadlines were wrong. Fees were wrong. Communication was wrong. Activities were wrong. Staff were wrong. Venue was wrong. Date was wrong. Time was wrong. In fact, between the lot of them, the Leaders picked the whole thing to shreds within 5 minutes.

I then woke up suddenly from my dream, and decided that, whether it was selfish or not, it would be far easier if I just ran the event for my own unit, to suit ourselves, and left it up to the other units to go organise their own outings.

It is easier to criticise than organise . . .

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