Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Have been having fun with byelaws again - and suspect that it's the usual problem of 'chinese whispers' which has been going on since before 1910! Someone says 'it would be best if', or 'I tend to', someone else interprets it as 'you're meant to' then before you know it, it has become 'you have to'.

On the one hand it's tempting to start an 'urban myth buster', on the other hand I remember that a few years ago an adviser printed a list of urban myths and true answers in the region newsletter and it backfired spectacularly, as people remembered the myths, linked said adviser's name to them and claimed they were policy!

Striking the balance between the need for clear rules, and the need for rules to fit local circumstances isn't easy, but I do wish Guiding could follow the lead of the HSE and have a monthly byelaw-busting session . . .

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