Wednesday, 5 June 2013


How much better Guiding would be if there were no politics. If the rule book were accepted at face value and it was applied consistently. If all discussions were held at the meeting table and recorded in the minutes, and people felt able to speak honestly about what they thought and how they felt. If job vacancies and opportunities were advertised with no restrictions so that everyone who might be interested had the chance to apply and be judged on their merits. If people took the care to deal openly and honestly with each other, laying their cards on the table, with none up their sleeves. If people checked the rule book rather than guessing at rules, or assuming the rules still say exactly what they said 20 years ago. If mentors and assessors offered a combination of praise and helpful advice/suggestions, not just non-stop negativity. If units saw each other as friends who were all part of the same movement with the same aims - not as the competition. If every new member was welcomed, and encouraged to settle in, whether she is 5 or 65. If leaders were given help and support to gain qualifications, not have artificial hurdles put in their way. If people remembered that what is important is the girls. How much better Guiding could be . . .

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